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Positive Life Radio Contact Info

(509) 527-2055 - Studio
(509) 527-2991 - Office
(509) 527-2611 - Fax

Listen Live Links

Play Listen with AAC+
You will need a player that can handle AAC+ if you have iTunes, VLC, Winamp, RealAudio or another that will handle it.

Play Listen with Windows Media | more info
This option requires Windows Media, launches in a pop-up window so you can continue browsing.

Play Listen with standalone Windows Media | more info
Try this if you are having problems with the standard pop-up player.

Play Listen with Real Audio | more info
This option will be discontinued soon.

Help us test out our new AAC+ stream! Once we work out the kinks it should not only sound better, but work in Windows, OS X, Linux, and most smart-phones like the iPhone, and the Android family. We're anxious to hear about your experience with our new feed! We're looking for good and bad feedback. Please also include what player pops up, what operating system your in, and if you're on a phone, etc.

Most Android based devices require a 3rd party streaming application. We've had good luck with Xiia Live, the lite version is free.